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Let My Property London

Letting out a property is becoming an increasingly popular enterprise, but there are certain responsibilities which go along with it. The rewards can be excellent if you make a success of letting your property, but there are also pitfalls, and this is where a letting agent can really make a difference.

If you’ve made the decision to let your property, then the first step is to make sure the property is presentable for potential tenants. The house will need to be in the best possible condition for tenant viewings, and this includes the interior and exterior. You will also need to make sure certain standards are met, such as gas, heating and health and safety. There will also be other important considerations, such as how will the property be advertised? Who will your target market be in terms of tenants? How much will it take to run the property?

At Promptmove, we offer a ‘let my property’ service. With the service we have a few package options, including ‘tenant find’ and ‘let and managed’. All of our packages offer a selection of standard features, including a free valuation and nationwide marketing.

Keen to let your London property? It’s Promptmove you need to talk to.

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