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Property Management Services Online

Not all landlords want to be responsible for managing a let property. It can be time-consuming, tedious and stressful. You might prefer to live your life more freely while still reaping the benefits of letting out a property to tenants? Perhaps you’d rather place the responsibility for managing the property in the capable hands of an estate and lettings agent?

Property management services are just one of the services we offer at Promptmove. We can take the responsibility for management of the property off of your shoulders, giving you space to do as you like while enjoying the rewards of a regular income from your rental property.

If a property is being managed properly, the landlord will have peace of mind all day, every day. At Promptmove we know how big a responsibility it is to manage your property. As a landlord you’ll want to know that someone is protecting your interests. We’re here to support, manage and advise, helping you to make the right decisions when letting your property or properties.

We can manage your property to the highest standards, from maintenance to letting your property at the best possible price.